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  • Domestic LPG
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  • Auto Gas
    • what is Auto LPG ?

      Auto LPG is a mixure of Propane and Butane with the standard of BIS-----, which can be used as a fuel to Automobiles

    • If I Convert My Vehicle To Auto LPG, can I Still Drive In Petrol ?

      Yes,The Petrol Tank Stills Remains In The Car and The Driver Can Switch From Auto LPG To Petrol Or Vice Versa

    • Can I Run My Air Conditioner with Auto LPG Driven Engine ?

      Yes, AUTO LPG Generates Optimum Power Sufficient To Run A/C

    • Does LPG Affect Engine Life ?

      AUTOLPG Is A Cleaner Fuel, So Engine Life Is Extended And Less Maintenance Is Required
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