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contentpics Indian Autogas Company Ltd is a Public Ltd Company having its registered office at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, working on Gas Industry since 1993 directly and indirectly. The Company have an authorised and paid up Capital of 40 Million INR with professionals and technocrats with a view to amalgamate the operations for the manufacture, distribution, fabrication, erection, commissioning and Maintenance, Safety Engineering, handling and service the Petroleum products like LPG, CNG apart from Production, Bottling, Blending of LPG and working in processing Plants, Equipment, Gas conversion system for automobiles, tanks and Engineering. Our group has also diversified into construction, real estate, natural and herbal products, home links, Automobile parts, Wind energy, solar power generation, solar equipment and hybrid of solar and wind energy.
We have our offices at Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jamshedpur and New Delhi and planned to expand to other states also soon


The objective of the company is to promote Green Environment by clean & quality fuel with customer satisfaction.


We, at INDIAN AUTOGAS COMPANY LTD, are committed to provide high quality specified LPG and its components and services to meet our customer's requirements through persistent research and continual up gradation of technology.

  • To be the chosen LPG filling station in all major cities and nationwide and to launch 1000 ALDS.
  • To be the chosen packed LPG cylinders all over India.
  • To become a leader and role model in a broad based energy business.
  • By that a contribution is made to the conservation of the environment and at the same time a possibility to drive better fuel is indirectly being offered.
  • To be the preferred supplier of alternate fuel kits to the Indian Market.
  • contentpics
  • Supply green energy to all sectors.
  • Serve public and private transport and for families to breathe a cleaner air.
  • Provide our customers flexibly, fast and competitive prices to their demand for divergent LPG, LPG parts and fuel additives in all possible amounts.
  • Mr. SM. Antony Thomas   (Chairman & Director – Corporate)

  • CEO has got around 19 years experiences in LPG and LPG Equipment in various industries and has got good skills in Trade, Commerce and Marketing. As a member of World LPG Forum he had visited most of the countries like Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Argentina, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Australia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Egypt, Jordon etc., in connection with various application of LPG as fuel in automobiles –Bike, Auto Rickshaw and cars. Government of India nominated him as a member of co-ordination committee when World LPG Forum Conference was held during 2000 in India.

  • Mr. J. Edwin Navis   (Director – Operation & Projects)

  • An enthusiastic self-motivated person with diverse knowledge in many fields and wide range of contacts across the globe, His diverse rich experience of around 20 years includes, being an Consultant, visited & tied up with many top companies of Hong Kong and Singapore, Coordinator for NGO projects. His key areas of functioning were Public Relations, Social projects, sourcing of petroleum products for Import/Export, Operations, Marketing and Administration.

    He has a very high level of administrative capacity, organizational skills and visionary outlook. As a team leader he has taken up challenging assignments in India as well as abroad. He had the privilege of visiting and studying the market allover the world.

  • Akilandeswari   (Director – Accounts & Finance)

  • A Financial wizard, knowledgeable and well experienced in accounts and Finance and served in the Industry for more than 8 years. Instrumentation for the development on new projects and business of the company.

  • Mr. Chandra Sekar, Ex IOCL.

  • Mr. K.G Sreenivasan B.SC, AMIE.

  • Mr. R. D. Pennathur B.Tech.

  • Mr. N.Meenakshi Sundaram B.Sc.

  • Ms. S Arockia Rufeena MBA.

  • CA. John Moris FCA.

  • Ad. Jesus Moris Ravi LLB.
Team of experts who have got wide exposure in LPG, LPG Engineering, manages the company headed by Mr. S.M ANTONY THOMAS, the chief executive who has through knowledge about Indian and International LPG Market and managing the company based on the best practicing principle given by the share holders.

The company has got Technical Professional in addition as core team to do the operation and projects in time and a group of Stalwarts in the field in the Advisory Panel of the company to steer the company’s objectives.

  • Company was promoted in the year 1995.

  • Manufactured the first LPG Conversion system for Indian Auto Rickshaws in 1997.

  • Received trial approval for Auto LPG business from Ministry in 1998.

  • Designed the First Auto LPG Dispensing station in 2002.

  • Got the approval from Govt as the first Auto LPG Dispensing station in 2003.

  • Entered in the Auto LPG Business in 2005.

  • Signed MOU with Caltex Gas for the supply of Auto LPG in 2005

  • The erection of first Auto LPG Dispensing station is completed at Nizamabad in March 2006.

  • Company got operator approval from CCoE.

  • Commissioned the first company owned station in 2008.

  • Project VISION 1000 lounged on 19-08-09

  • Company is rated as 2 – SATISFACTORY on 02.04.2010

  • Signed MOU to Import LPG in Finolex LPG Terminal on 20.08.2010.

  • Cutting gas Test succeeded on 19.04.2012

  • LPG Manufacturing approval by Govt on 06.07.2012

  • Proposed to enter in LPG in packed Cylinders in big way 1.06.2012

  • As a achievement Company is rated as 1 – GOOD for Autogas business and 2- satisfactory for packed LPG business on 10.07.2012

Comming Soon

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